Top 10 Best Air Compressor/Inflators Comparison Chart

Compressor/InflatorsBrand/Model No.HP/PSI

Best Air Compressor

1. Bostitch® Portable Air Compressor

Model BTFP02012

2 gauges (1) tank pressure (2) line pressure
  • 0.9 HP
  • 150 PSI
  • 6 GAL
  • 78.5 dB
  • Car, Bike, Mower, Trailer Tires
  • RV Tires
  • Roofing
  • Finishing
  • Framing
  • Inflatables
  • Impact Wrench
  • Air Grinder
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    Best Air Compressor

    2. PORTER-CABLE® Pancake Portable

    Model C2002

  • 0.8 HP
  • 150 PSI
  • 6 GAL
  • 82 dB
  • Trimming
  • Nailer
  • Tires
  • Impact Wrench
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Roofing
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    Best Air Compressor

    3. DEWALT®
    Pancake Portable

    Model DWFP55126

    Welded Steel
  • 0.9 HP
  • 90 PSI
  • 6 GAL
  • 75.5 dB
  • Trimming
  • Framing
  • Brad Nailer
  • Tires
  • No Lug Nuts
  • 360° Rotate
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    Best Air Compressor

    4. Breezz Tire Inflator
    Air Compressor Pump

    Model SG-J3012R

    DC Battery-Powered
  • 0 HP
  • 150 PSI
  • 0 GAL
  • Quiet
  • Car, Bike Tires
  • Basketballs
  • Balloons
  • Air Boats
  • Inner Tubes
  • Air Mattresses
  • Small Inflatables
  • LED Light Display
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    Best Air Compressor

    5. KENSUN Tire Inflator Home and Car Portable

    Model Kensun EHRCompA58A

    AC/DC Power
    With Tote Bag
  • 0 HP
  • 7.9 GAL
  • 35 PSI
  • Quiet
  • PSI/Bar/KPA
  • Bikes
  • Motor Cycles
  • Cars
  • Pickup Trucks/Normal Sized Tires
  • Mid-Size SUVs
  • Air Mattresses
  • All Types Balls
  • LCD Light Display
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    Best Air Compressor

    Model CMB15
    Air Compressor Portable


    With 8-piece Accessory Kit
  • 0.8 HP
  • 1.5 GAL
  • 150 PSI
  • 79 dB
  • Cars
  • Bicycles
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Dollies
  • Motor Cycles
  • Not Huge Diameter Truck Tires
  • Inflatable Kid Toys: Balls, Balloons, Water Inflatables
  • Runs Impact Wrench for Tire Lug Nuts
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    Best Air Compressor

    7. VIAIR® Hot Dog Compressor Portable

    Model 400P

    12V 24V DC Power

    3-piece Kit/Storage Bag
  • 0 HP
  • 0 GAL
  • 150 PSI
  • Quiet
  • Small Tires
  • Tractor Tires
  • Horse Trailer Tires
  • Up to 35-Inch Tires
  • 5th Wheel Tires to 110 PSI ST235/85R16 (G)
  • 35.5 Grabbers
  • 420xR90x50 Tractor Tires
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    Best Air Compressor

    8. Makita® Big Bore™ Air Compressor Portable

    Model MAC700


    Cast Iron; Roll Bar Handle
  • 2 HP
  • 2.6 GAL
  • 130 PSI
  • 80 dB
  • Framing Nailer
  • Flooring Nailer
  • Finish Nailer
  • Cannot Paint House Using Spray Gun
  • Air Brushing
  • Hobby Work
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    Best Air Compressor

    9. Senco® Air Compressor Portable

    Model PC1010

  • 0.5 HP
  • 1 GAL
  • 90 PSI
  • 68 dB
  • Brad Nailer
  • Upholstery Stapler
  • Crafts Airbrush
  • Cannot Attach Staple Gun Needing More Power
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    Best Air Compressor

    10. Industrial Air™ Contractor® Pontoon Air Compressor Portable

    Model Number CTA5090412

    Honda Engine OHC/OHV, 160CC
  • 5.0 HP
  • 4 GAL
  • 155 PSI
  • 89 dB
  • 2 Framing Guns
  • 2 Roofing Guns
  • Roofing Guns
  • DA (Dual Action) Sanders
  • Touch-Up Paint Guns
  • Tires
  • Impact Wrench
  • All Air Tools
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    Best air compressor reviews

    Compressors are very simple machines, yet are vital for small and large jobs and crafts projects. They are powerful for the job intended and can produce a lot of air for powering pneumatic tools. They can be driven by gasoline, diesel, or electricity. For the best air compressor reviews, continue reading below.

    1. What Are Air Compressors?

    The air compressor machine converts atmospheric regular air we breathe into a condensed, extreme and over-the-top compressed form of natural air under pressure. Compressors do three air conversions: air intake, air pressurization, and air release.

    All air compressors release high-pressure air in spurts or controlled bursts. The air flow is measured in ACFM (Actual Cubic Feet per Minute). The output of each machine is measured in horsepower (HP). The machines are adjusted for inlet conditions and some can store pressurized air in tanks and chambers for using later.

    2. Types of Air Compressors

    • Hand-Carry Air CompressorsHand-Carry Air Compressors—are easy to move and the smallest of units that you can pick up by the handle at the top. Twin-stack, inflators, hot dog, and pancake are in this type.

    These are used for inflating inner tubes for out on the lake, tires, air mattresses, air nailers, air brushing, and other light-duty tasks, including creative hobbies that require the need for a small air compressor.

    • Hot Dog Air CompressorsHot Dog Air Compressors—are popular with hobby folks, since they are powerful enough to run staplers and air brushes. With tanks larger than the pancake compressors, they are a bit heavier.

    They have handles with no belts and are oil-free with very little to maintain; however they are loud.

    • PancakePancake Air Compressors Air Compressors—get their name because the tank is flatter and a cylindrical shape. These are similar in functionality the same as the hot dog air compressors. These are selected since they take a small amount of storage space.

    When a tank is smaller, they weigh less and the 1-gallon pancake models usually weigh less that 20-pounds. Using no oil, they can be quite loud. They are also available in larger gallon capacities.

    • Portable Air CompressorsPortable Air Compressors—are used mostly by commercial contractors, carpenters, siding installers, and roofers. They are not that large and have wheels and unmoving stand-down legs making them easy to transport from job-to-job. Read my portable air compressor reviews below for great deals on Amazon.

    With larger air tanks, these are heavy-duty units for multiple running nailers, brad guns, and other large-jobs tools.

    • Stationary Air CompressorsStationary Air Compressors—are the big honkers that run constantly days on end. The rotary screw and two-stage compressor have the best advanced technology and are the priciest. This type is not reviewed here.

    These are used in large and small auto and vehicle shops and garages. Commercially, they allow running multiple air tools at the same time and are up to the undertaking without a hitch.

    Industrial sites use these when many workers are in one area at a time using different power tools.

    • Mobil Air CompressorsMobil Air Compressors—are usually attached to vehicles for making them portable and useful for construction and industrial work. This type is a truck mount DC (direct current) machine, meaning battery powered, and they can sit inside the back of a truck.

    They are often times used with UTV (utility vehicle or utility task vehicle), an ROV (recreational off-highway vehicle), or a MOHUV (multipurpose off-highway utility vehicle).

    They are used to power air tools on the move and people stopped by the roadside inflating their flat tires for them.

    Air compressor uses

    3. Rotary Screw Air Compressors

    This screw-type is very efficient and effortless. Electric motors drive it. The biggest difference between the piston-type and the screw-type is that the screw compressor uses two interlinking screws for squeezing the air inside the chamber.

    Oil is injected to keep the screws from being damaged into the whole system. When the oil mixes with the air entering the compression chamber, it passes between the two rotating screws. When exiting the chamber, the air and oil pass through an oil separator where the air passes through a filter. The air goes to the reservoir tank to be used, and the oil is cooled and reused. It’s a simple efficient system.

    Rotary screw-type compressors are favored for jobs needing large volumes of pressurized air or a high horsepower output is needed.

    4. Reciprocating or Piston Air Compressors

    The piston-type is simple. An electric motor drives a shaft rotating the shaft to lower and raise the piston inside the air compressor chamber. Air is taken in on the downstroke of the piston and air is brought into the chamber through an intake valve. The upstroke compresses the air with another valve that compresses the air molecules closer together.

    The intake valve is closed during the piston’s upstroke. This compressed air goes into a reservoir tank to store it. It is then possible to transport the stored air through pipes to machines.

    Top 10 Best Air Compressors

    1. Bostitch® 6-Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free Compressor, Portable

    Bostitch 6-Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free CompressorThe Bostitch® is the top seller on®. The model, BTFP02012, is corded-electric and a very best air compressor.

    Being 150 max PSI (Pounds per square inch), the 6-gallon (22.7 liter) tank delivers 2.6 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) at 90 PSI (pounds per square inch). The running horsepower (HP) is 0.9.

    With the high-efficiency motor, you will not have any startup problems in cold weather.

    The operational noise level is 78.5 dB (decibels) to maintain a quiet work environment.

    The 2 gauges are for (1) tank pressure and (2) line pressure.

    Maximum performance is accomplished with its high-flow regulator to control air pressure (PSI), and couplers. It’s long-life and oil-free requiring no maintenance and so perfect for easy use.

    Bostitch Air Compressor

    This is the basic model; however, options are available on Amazon with nailers and combination kits.

    Note: This compressor does not include a hose or gun kit.

    The dimensions are 17- x 17- x 19.25-inches and weighs 29-pounds.

    Bostitch Air Compressor Dimensions

    You can attach a framing nailer. It will do framing, fencing, or projects where you are not rapidly firing the nailer, since it will provide enough pressure. It will run any nailer for brads, finishing, staples, floor nails, and framing guns. It’s good at blowing things off surfaces with an air blower tool.

    It’s handy to air up car tires, bike tires, mower tires, trailer and RV tires. Use it with an impact wrench for tasks to be done with that specific tool. Use it with an air grinder and probably not enough HP for painting.

    For you roofers with the aching backs, it will work with a roofing gun for positive two lines two guns done in one day.

    It takes from 2- to 5-minutes for the compressor pressure to build up for the initial startup.

    Bostitch® does not recommend their compressors to be used in any type of fire suppression or sprinkler systems.

    It pulls 10.8-Amps and will run on a 15-Amp breaker. If you need an extension cord, be sure it is at least 12 AWG (American Wire Gauge) and no more than 50-feet long.

    It uses no batteries. Plug the UL® listed power cord into 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet.

    There is a drain valve on the bottom of the compressor.

    California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    It comes with the User’s Manual and a 1-year Limited Warranty. It’s made in China.

    2. PORTER-CABLE® 6-Gallon 150 PSI Pancake Compressor, Portable

    PORTER-CABLE 6-Gallon 150 PSI Pancake CompressorThe PORTER-CABLE® red and black compressor, model C2002, is a best-selling portable air compressor shown on Amazon and is corded-electric with 2 gauges, 2 quick-connect couplers, and 2 regulators.

    The pancake style tank at the bottom gives you stability. The water drain valve is on the bottom and it has durable rubber feet.

    It will deliver 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI for the quickest recovery time (per ISO1217). Its 150 max PSI tank stores more air for longer tool run times.

    The oil-free UMC (Universal Motor Construction) means no maintenance for you. A durable oil-free pump is included for long-life and no maintenance.

    PORTER-CABLE Pancake Air CompressorCarry it with its combo integrated cord wrap/handle; the compressor weighs 34-pounds.

    It uses no batteries. Plug the UL® listed power cord into 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet. It is 10-Amps and 0.8 running HP.

    PORTER-CABLE portable air compressor

    It’s low-Amp 120-Volt motor starts easily in cold weather or with an extension cord. If you need an extension cord, be sure it’s at least 12 AWG (American Wire Gauge) and no more than 50-feet long.

    Vital components are protected with the shroud (covering).

    With its 2 regulated, factory-installed air couplers, it will support 2 users without difficulty.


    • Air Delivery: at 40 PSI, ISO1217 3.5 SCFM
    • Air Delivery: at 90 PSI, ISO1217 6 SCFM
    • Cut-In Restart: 120 PSI
    • Cut-Out Max: 150 PSI
    • Decibels: 82 dBA, ISO3744

    California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    To replenish the air after it runs out, plug the unit in and flip the red ‘on’ switch to start the motor. Once it reaches ‘full’ at 150 PSI, it will shut off by itself automatically.

    The hose that comes with the compressor is about 25-feet long.

    PORTER-CABLE Pancake Compressor

    Use it for trimming, nailers, tires, impact wrench, and more.

    Pancake Air Compressor

    It comes with the User’s Manual and a 1-year Warranty on compressor components. It is made from imported parts and assembled in Jackson, Tennessee, USA.

    PORTER-CABLE® 6-Gallon 150 PSI Pancake Compressor video.

    3. DEWALT® Heavy-Duty 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor, Portable

    DEWALT Heavy-Duty 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake CompressorThe DEWALT® pancake air compressor, model DWFP55126, is a corded electric-powered unit sold on Amazon with excellent customer reviews and is an outstanding pancake compressor.

    The 2.6 CFM (cubic-feet per minute) at 90 PSI will give you long running time for tools with quick recovery. The Horsepower is 0.9 HP.

    This is the basic compressor and does not come with air hoses, couplings, or accessories. The compressor with nailer kit is about $80 more on Amazon.

    With the oil-free pump, and built-in cord wrap, this compressor is indeed ideal for your jobs, and being flat like a pancake, it takes up minimal storage space.

    Its 6-gallon (22.7 liter) tank sits on rubber legs, operating at a quiet 75.5 dB noise level for a quiet work area.

    The outlet tube has been redesigned to not catch. The 2 universal couplers allow 2 people to use it simultaneously.

    When finished using the compressor, wrap its cord around the side piece for neat storage.

    Increased performance is gained with the high-flow regulator and couplers, and the motor starts easily in cold weather. The quick coupler threads are 1/4-inch.

    If you use an extension cord, be sure it’s 14 AWG (American Wire Gauge) and no more than 50-feet long.

    Turning 360-degrees, it is convenient and appreciated by workers.

    DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor

    For thorough tank draining, the ball drain valve on the bottom is quick and efficient. The machine’s covering protects the components inside and can be removed for internal repair.

    Electric pancake compressorWeighing only 30-pounds, it’s easy to carry about on jobs and store in a minimal space.

    It uses no batteries. Plug the 6-foot UL® listed power cord into 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet. It is 10-Amps and needs to be at least 12-inches away from walls that would impede air flow.

    Use it for framing, brad nailers, as a tire inflator, hang Christmas tree lights outside, and more for its power level. It will not remove wheel lug nuts.


    • Construction: Welded Steel
    • Drive Belt
    • SCFM at: 40 PSI, 3.7 SCFM
    • SCFM at: 90 PSI, 2.6 SCFM
    • Shipping Weight: 34-Pounds
    • Height: 17.5-inches
    • Length: 16.0-inches
    • Width: 16.0-inches

    California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    A farmer’s unboxing and quick review of the DEWALT® Pancake Air Compressor DWFP55126 video.

    Air Compressor WarrantyYou will get the User’s Manual with 1-year Limited Warranty, 1-year free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. It’s made in the USA with globally-sourced materials.

    4. Breezz Tire Inflator 150 PSI Air Compressor Pump, Portable

    Breezz Tire Inflator 150 PSI Air Compressor PumpThe Breezz is perfect to store in the trunk of your car for the times your tires go flat or get a puncture from a nail or screw. The model 2737229794 and manufacturer’s part number SG-J3012R is an Amazon Choice small air compressor for under $35! What a deal for this best electric air compressor.

    The housing is stainless-steel and durable ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) a composite plastic used to make car bodies and cases for computers and other appliances.

    The display units are KPA, PSI, BAR, KG/ CM2. Remember to never over-inflate to exceed the recommended pressure. Items overinflated may burst and cause serious injury. Inflate 10- or 15-minutes, and let the item inflated rest for 10-minutes to be safe.

    It uses a long-life LED (light emitting diode) bulb digital display and the white light is brilliant bright in the dark. The pressure gauge, up to 150 PSI, can be seen on the screen in the dark.

    Breezz Air Compressor

    If you have a motor cycle or bike having no cigarette lighter port, you can power the unit with an AC to DC power adapter 110-Volt to 12-Volt from Amazon or a big box store.

    With the electrical port in vehicles, the power is 12-Volt DC (direct current) at 10-Amps with a 10.5-foot power cord.

    This is the perfect inexpensive inflator for car tires, bike tires, basketballs, balloons, air boats, inner tubes, air mattresses, and other small fillings of air.

    It does not inflate big truck tires like 22-inch and above diameters, such as commercial semi-tractor trailers. The inflator cannot be used on a tow truck, also called a wrecker, a breakdown truck, or a breakdown lorry.

    best electric air compressor

    Don’t have a tire gauge? The inflator with its pressure gauge shows you the current PSI. You can set the PSI, such as 32 PSI for your car tires; connect it to the tire, flip the switch and will fill the tire to the PSI you set it for. That takes the guesswork out when you don’t have a tire gauge on a dark night time county road.

    Tire gauge

    You might want to invest in a 150 PSI digital tire gauge for your car for under $10 on Amazon.

    The nice thing about this inflator is that it fills in increments of 0.5 PSI so not to underfill/overfill a huge amount of air pressure. It will automatically stop at your preset PSI.

    Don’t know your tire’s PSI? Check the panel on the driver side door or on the tire rim itself. I do this and I’m a girl!

    You can inflate a 195/65R15 car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in under 4-minutes.

    Are you tired of driving to the gas station and spending quarters, if you have solid quarters, just to fill tires or other inflatables? This inflator will pay for itself in no time.

    The dimensions are 7.87- x 7.16- x 2.36-inches and weighs a slight 2.35-pounds to fit in your hands.

    Breezz Portable Air Compressor

    California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    You will receive the air compressor, 3 nozzle adapters, and a User’s Manual. You will have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 12-month extended Warranty.

    5. KENSUN 7.9-Gallon 35 PSI Tire Inflator for Home and Car, Portable

    KENSUN 7.9-Gallon 35 PSI Tire Inflator for Home and CarThe KENSUN, model number Kensun-EHRComp-A58A on Amazon, is portable with a carrying case and can be used with a wall receptacle or a vehicle DC electrical port. It is a Choice product sold on Amazon for under $65, making this the perfect hand-held best small air compressor power combination where you don’t need to buy an AC adapter to plug in at home costing more money.

    Have this in your trunk for your own emergency tire pump. Deflated tires can slow you down and ruin your expensive wheels or rims. It has all you need if stranded on a lonely country road at night and women don’t want to be there with a flat tire alone!

    It has one UL® listed cord for your vehicle and one for electrical outlets in your house or garage. The cigarette lighter/electrical port is 12-Volt DC from the battery and it’s 10.9-feet long. The maximum current for either plug-in is less than 10-Amps.

    It uses no batteries. Plug the UL® listed 5.10-foot 18-gauge 3-prong power cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz wall outlet.

    Be sure the switch on the back shows DC for the car port or it won’t work. Conversely, be sure it shows AC for electrical receptacles.

    KENSUN Tire InflatorThe KENSUN inflator has a 120-Watt metal motor for power and durability.

    Many features are incorporated into this fantastic portable compressor.

    It includes an LCD (liquid crystal diode) bright white light on the digital presets display on the top front and it’s backlit. It inflates 7.9 USA gallons (30-liters) per minute with unit conversion for PSI/Bar/KPA.

    Inflate your car tires in about 5-minutes. It does not have enough pressure to pop the bead on a tire or blow out a sprinkler system, so don’t waste your time trying it.

    Select from the all-purpose nozzles and attachments for the job you’re doing. Inflate anything with the extension nozzle and pin needle, such as bikes, motor cycles, cars, pickup trucks with normal-sized tires, mid-size SUVs, air mattresses, all types of balls, beach toys, water inflatables, and more. Simply preset the pressure value to what you want and when done, the inflator shuts off automatically to avoid over inflation.

    KENSUN Air Compressor

    KENSUN Tire Inflator for Home and CarTire pressure that is too high will wear out the center tread quickly. Tire pressure set too low wears tires unevenly. Either way, you burn more gasoline reducing the mileage that best serves you when your tires are inflated at the proper PSI according to the tire manufacturer. Tires tend to lose pressure in cold weather. This unit has no problem working in the cold.

    With this small device, it will be available when in your trunk or garage. It takes up little space anywhere you store it in its tote.

    The inflator is accurate at 35 PSI ± 1 PSI with an air-flow rate of 7.9 GPM (gallons per minute) (30-liters) equaling 1.05 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The constant working time is 30-minutes at 35 PSI.

    It will not let air out or deflate any item.

    The dimensions are 11.8- x 4.3- x 7.2-inches high and it weighs 5-pounds.

    This inflator is not a full-size shop compressor that can run air tools or blow air with a hose.

    KENSUN Portable Tire Inflator video.

    You will receive a User’s Manual and 2-year Warranty with a lifetime of technical support from the KENSUN technical support staff.

    6. PORTER-CABLE® 1.5-Gallon 150 PSI Compressor, Portable

    PORTER-CABLE 1.5-Gallon 150 PSI CompressorThe PORTER-CABLE® 2-toned gray fully-shrouded air compressor, model CMB15, is the best portable air compressor shown on Amazon and is corded-electric with 2 gauges, 2 quick-connect couplers, and 2 regulators.

    It comes with an 8-piece accessory kit for more tool functions.

    With rubber bottom feet, and bottom water drain valve, it holds more air in the tank for longer tool runtimes at 150 PSI max.

    The 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI allows for quick compressor recovery time, per ISO1217.

    No maintenance is needed with the sturdy oil-free pump lasting for years. It’s quiet when working with it at 79 dB.

    With its 25-foot hose, you can travel far without needing to move it.

    It uses no batteries. Plug the 6-foot UL® listed 3-prong power cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz wall outlet. It is 10-Amps.


    • Dimensions: 17-inches tall
    • Weight: 20-pounds
    • Shipping Weight: 24-pounds
    • Air Delivery at: 40 PSI, ISO1217 3.0 SCFM
    • Air Delivery at: 90 PSI, ISO1217 2.0 SCFM
    • Cut-In Restart: 120 PSI
    • Cut-Out Max: 150 PSI
    • Quick-Connect Couplers: 0
    • Regulator: Yes
    • Running Horsepower: 0.8 HP

    It will deflate air pressure using the gold quick air release knob with a ring through it. Pull and remove as much pressure as necessary then release the ring when you are satisfied.

    PORTER-CABLE Portable Air Compressor 2

    The kit consists of 25-feet of nylon coil hose, 2 tapered nozzles, inflation needle, 1/4-inch tire chuck, hose adapter, 2-piece high-flow inflator/deflator kit, and Teflon® tape.

    Spray gun

    It will air up cars, bicycles, wheelbarrows, dollies, motor cycles, and more tires, but not huge diameter truck tires. Fill up inflatable kid toys of balls, balloons, and water inflatables. It will run an impact wrench for tire lug nuts.

    Power an HVLP (high volume low-pressure) spray gun for painting vehicles, buildings, and other items with the regulator turned down.

    California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    PORTER-CABLE® CMB15 hand-carry compressor kit review.

    It comes with a User’s Manual and a 1-year Warranty on compressor components, and accessories. It is made from imported parts and assembled in Jackson, Tennessee, USA.

    7. VIAIR® 0-Gallon 150 PSI Hot Dog Compressor, Portable DC

    VIAIR 0-Gallon 150 PSI Hot Dog CompressorThe VIAIR® model 400P shown on Amazon, part number 40043, operates using a 12-Volt battery. It does not plug into a vehicle’s electrical port or AC receptacle.

    The oil-free design means no maintenance for you.

    This is used only for tire inflation, not running tools; for that, read the air compressor reviews here.

    The maximum working pressure is 150 PSI and your vehicle’s engine must be running to use at 33% duty cycle.

    Its free-flow 2.3 CFM is at 0 PSI. It comes with negative/positive heavy-duty battery clamps with a 40-Amp inline fuse and holder, antivibration tray, and more.

    VIAIR Hot Dog Air Compressor

    Store in your trunk with the dual compartment carrying bag with handle to have handy for low or flat tires when traveling.

    Use on vehicles with a 12-Volt battery source for tires ranging from 33- to 42-inch diameter.

    For a long horse trailer, say 35-feet, you can buy part number 00031, extension hose.

    The device does not automatically shut off; use the switch yourself to turn off/on.


    • 12-Volt/24-Volt
    • Permanent Magnetic Motor
    • Max 12-Volt Amp Draw: 30-Amps
    • Max 24-Volt Amp Draw: 15-Amps
    • Max Ambient Temperature: 158-degrees F.
    • Min Ambient Temperature: -40-degrees F.
    • Inline Pressure Gauge: 100 PSI
    • Ingress Protection Rating: IP54
    • Dimensions: 10.87-inches long x 5.83-inches wide x 7.48-inches high
    • Net Weight: 10.40-pounds
    • Power Cord Length: 8-feet
    • Air Hose Length: 25-feet
    • Air-flow RPM: 2.3 CFM= 65.1287481


    • Stainless-Steel Valves
    • High Performance PTFE Piston Ring
    • Moisture and Dust Resistant
    • Gearless Direct Drive Motor
    • Automatic Reset Thermal Overload Protector
    • 5-in-1 Inflator/Deflator with Inline 100 PSI Gauge
    • Inflation Tips Kit: 3-Piece
    • Dual-Stage Metal Air Filter
    • Aluminum Sand Tray with Vibration Isolators
    • Anodized Aluminum Alloy Cylinder

    Note: The air hose supplied with this kit may become brittle from prolonged exposure to UV/sunlight. Stow when not in use. Never allow the hose to come into contact with the head of the compressor during use (melting hazard). The use of the included air hose is not recommended in subzero or freezing conditions. The 400P does not work with Presta bicycle valves, unless used with a Presta valve adapter.

    California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    What’s in the box:

    • 1-VIAIR® 400P Portable Air Compressor
    • 1-Deluxe Zippered Carry Bag With Storage Compartments
    • 1-25-Foot, 5-In-1 Inflator/Deflator Open-Ended Air Hose With 120 PSI Gauge
    • 1-Heavy-Duty Sand Tray With Vibration Isolators
    • 1-Set Dual Heavy-Duty Direct Battery Clamps
    • 1-8-Foot Power Cable
    • 1-3-Piece Inflation Tips Kit
    • 1-Inline Fuse Holder
    • 1-Owner’s Manual

    You will receive a 1-year Warranty against all manufacturing defects and User’s Manual. The entire package is made in China.

    8. Makita® Big Bore 2.6-Gallon, 130 PSI Air Compressor

    Makita 130 PSI Air CompressorThe Makita® model number MAC700 is the best big bore air compressor shown on Amazon electric-powered in a teal and black color with rubber feet on the bottom, and a roll-bar carry handle.

    The air compressor will operate as it is. Add the enclosed oil and it is ready to break-in using the procedures in the Owner’s Manual. Change the filter regularly. Oil-using engines run cooler to reduce wear. The induction motor is 4-pole.

    The accessories needed will depend on what you want to do with it. Regardless of specific accessories you want, you will need a good air hose and connectors.

    The pump is made of cast iron and the tank will automatically shut off above 90 PSI.

    Makita Big Bore Air Compressor

    With its big bore cylinder and piston, it delivers great performance with less noise at 80 dB. The cast iron cylinder with greater bore and stroke allows for increased compression and faster recovery time.

    Makita Air Compressor

    Best big bore air compressor

    The large pump operates at 1720 RPM for a bigger displacement at lower RPMs. The MAC700 delivers industrial power and results with improved durability for tough job site conditions.

    With its low Amp draw, you will seldom have tripped breakers with voltage drops/spikes that can cause early motor failure.

    Other features are its convenient oil drain and oil sight glass, a tank drain valve that supersedes standard petcock design for easier maintenance, and copper finned discharge tubing that dissipates heat more efficiently. It has a built-in thermal overload for additional motor protection, valuable to have.

    Use it with a framing nailer, flooring nailers, and finish nailers. It is not going to paint a house using a spray gun, but will do air brushing and hobby work. It does not have enough power for nailing roofing.


    • Maximum Horsepower: 2 HP
    • Running Horsepower: 1.7 HP
    • Tank: 2.6-gallons
    • Performance at 40 PSI: 3.8 CFM
    • Performance at 90 PSI: 3.3 CFM
    • Maximum Pressure: 130 PSI
    • Net Weight: 52-pounds
    • Shipping Weight: 60.5-pounds
    • Pump: Oil Lubricated

    California residents click here for proposition 65 warning

    Makita® Air compressors video.

    You’ll receive the User’s Manual, air compressor, oil, and a 1/4-inch universal quick coupler with a 1-year parts and labor Warranty. It’s made in Taiwan.

    9. Senco® 1-Gallon 125 PSI Air Compressor, Portable

    Senco 1-Gallon 125 PSI Air CompressorThe Senco® model PC1010 is Amazons Choice electric-powered best small air compressor in gray and red with 1/2-HP when running with its peak horsepower at 1 HP. It is a finish and trim plus crafts and hobbies compressor and for light jobs for home improvement and renovation.

    It delivers 20 to 44 drives each minute. The direct drive induction motor/pump is oil-free for low maintenance. It’s easy to carry. It has 1/4-inch quick disconnect couplers and individual gauges for tank and regulated output pressure being light weight with its 1-gallon aluminum storage tank.

    The model PC1010 is quiet with an ambient 25.5 dB noise level. When running being about a foot away, it is 73 dB.

    It will not work with any type spray gun other than an artist’s airbrush; the power is too low.

    Since it has 0.7 SCFM at 90 PSI, you will want to stick with smaller tools like brad nailers or upholstery staplers and not attach a staple gun needing more power.

    The manual states not to use extension cords; however, you will be safe using 12 AWG (American Wire Gauge) 50-foot cord and no longer.

    To drain the compressor, use the safety valve (brass valve with a pull ring).

    Senco Portable Air Compressor


    • Ultra-Quiet: 68 dBA
    • Ultra-Light: 20-pounds
    • Motor: Heavy-duty Induction
    • Height: 13-inches
    • Length: 14-inches
    • Width: 10-inches
    • Hose Diameter: 3/8-inch
    • Current Draw/Max Amps: 4-Amps at 115-Volts
    • Horsepower: 5 HP
    • CFM at 40 PSI: 1.0 HP
    • CFM at 90 PSI: 0.7 HP
    • CFM at 100 PSI: 0.6 HP
    • Max Pressure: 125 PSI
    • Pump-up Time: 128-seconds (2-minutes) (0 – 125 psi)
    • Recovery Time: 35-seconds (90 – 125 psi)

    California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    It uses no batteries. Plug the UL® listed power cord into 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet in North America.

    You will receive the User’s Manual and a 1-year Limited Warranty. It is made in Taiwan.

    10. Industrial Air Contractor® 4-Gallon, 155 PSI Pontoon Air Compressor, Portable

    Industrial Air Contractor 155 PSI Pontoon Air CompressorThe Industrial Air Contractor® compressor with a Honda® 160-cc overhead/overhead cam engine is a gas-powered air compressor, model number CTA5090412 shown on Amazon, and is an affordable industrial air compressor.

    Its OHC/OHV provides easy starting, smoother engine performance, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions into the environment.

    It has a 2-piece cooling system to extend the direct drive pump life, is low maintenance, and oil-free.

    The boat looking pontoon style tanks hold 2-gallons making it ideal for job sites with its built-in handle.

    Industrial Air Contractor Air Compressor

    It has an air throttle cylinder, separate pilot and check valves, and is equipped with regulator, gauges, quick connect, and cushioned handle grips. The tank is made of steel. The compressor will idle down automatically when reaching the max pressure.

    The gas powered compressor can handle two framing guns. It can also handle two roofing guns but not at the same time as the 2 framing guns. It will run DA (dual action) sanders and touch-up paint guns.

    Fill tires and run an impact wrench when performing brake jobs and operate roofing guns without a problem.


    • Max PSI: 155
    • CFM at 90 PSI: 5.0
    • CFM at 40 PSI: 6.9
    • Product Dimensions: 24.4-inches long x 21.9-inches wide x 19.8-inches high
    • Shipping Dimensions: 24.5-inches long x 21.5-inches wide x 20-inches high
    • Product Weight: 75-pounds
    • Shipping Weight: 85-pounds
    • dB: 89
    • Horsepower: 5.0

    California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    Tool Review Industrial Contractor Gas Air Compressor video.

    It comes with a User’s manual and a 2-year Limited Warranty and is made in the USA.

    Tips Using Air Compressors

    Today’s air compressors are easy to use and understand.

    • Be sure to read your User’s Manual first.
    • Wear safety goggles for eye protection.
    • Wear hearing protection to not lose your hearing later no matter how low the dB level is.
    • Reduce air pressure to the minimum amount for the job you are doing.
    • If you have a business, tell your staff to look out for waste and leaks, and report them immediately.
    • Complete preventative maintenance regularly.

    Highly recommended 23-minute how-to portable air pressure video.

    Final Thoughts

    Air compressorBuying a portable air compressor is about what you can afford for doing your job and craft projects.

    Read customer reviews on Amazon because those buyers will let you know their honest opinion using the electric-powered compressor or gas compressors that they bought. Happy shopping!

    Leave your questions or comments in the box below to receive a reply to all of you visitors to this website.