Circular Saw vs Miter Saw or Both?

Circular Saw vs Miter Saw

Check any workshop that is well supplied with the latest and greatest wood working gear, tools, and more and you’re sure to find the best circular saw for cross-cuts. This is the most often used saw for wood cutting for building houses, making stunning wrap-around decks, fences, post beams, and more.

Wood house

On the other hand, miter saws are far more suitable for intricate wood cutting from simple floor molding to elaborate crown moldings.

There are many options available for your needs and budget in saw types.

Circular saws are available in worm-drive and direct-drive, also known as sidewinders. Worm-drive saws use a worm gear to operate the blade usually on the left rather the right side with the direct-drive circular saw. Worm-driven circular saws are heavier, costlier, require oil for lubrication, and they take lots of harsh abuse from contractors.

Direct-drive circular saw

Circular saws can all look alike at times. Be sure to read specifications for your needs so not to pay more for a saw that looks the same as another as the one you can use. The Makita® worm-drive circular saw is a good bargain at Amazon.

A worm-drive table saw is a portable option to have in your workshop or have at the job site.

Picture framesMiter saws are used for framing, picture frames, construction, finish carpenters, cabinet and furniture makers, wood floor installers, crown molding, and by professional contractors.

At the end of the day, all creative wood workers will need to have both saws—the miter and the circular saw.

Get a miter saw if you need to do an assortment of trimming. Miter saws let you cut different angles, bevel cuts, and cross-cuts.

For doing rip-cuts or plywood cutting, a circular saw will fit most of your needs. Both saws indeed have different functions. If you do all kinds of work, a miter saw will give you accurate trimming while a circular saw is the best for rip-cuts.

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