Circular Saw Cutting Guides

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Circular Saw Cutting Guides

With the two circular saw cutting guides being the square-cut guide and the square-edge guide, you can use your circular saw or jigsaw that equals that of a table saw for accuracy and speed.

Square-cut Guide

With the rigid aluminum circular saw guide rail shown above, your cut will be straight as an arrow every time.  This is the best companion for contractors, do-it-your-selfers, professionals, and anyone using a circular saw for precision.

You can use this not only with circular saws, but with jig saws, routers, and other power tools you have.

Rail guide

To fit any material, the adjustable clamp end will side up and down the guide fitting plywood sheets and other goods you plan to cut.

With its locking handle, the edge will not move to ensure stability when cutting with the saw.  It clamps end-to-end so that thickness material is not a problem.

Save time and eliminate waste from uneven or crooked cuts when you use a rail guide.

This guide is modular so that you can add more extrusions up to 100-inches.

Square-edge Guide

Circular saw guidesThis inexpensive USA-made square will give you 90-degree cuts similar to a miter saw for cross cutting boards up to 12-inches wide.  All you need to do is place it against the board edge and the built-in guide arm makes it sit perfectly square.  Use it with your circular saw or jigsaw for the base-to-blade offset of your saw.

This guide will not work for ripping; it’s for right-angle cuts only and it’s only 12-inches long.

Women or men can use both of these circular saw guides for exactness doing the woodworking tasks you do best.

Safety is key in your shop or at a job site.  Be safe at all times wearing the proper personal protective equipment: eye goggles, hearing protection, dust mask, long pants, and closed-toe shoes.

Be sure to use the right AWG (American Wire Gauge) extension cord with your saws.  Make sure to remove the battery and unplug the charger with battery-powered saws.

Circular Saw Joinery – WOOD magazine—using cutting guides video.

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