Airbrushing for Your Crafts, Cake Decorating, and Hobby Projects

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My wife and I use the best airbrush for our hobbies—this one! I make model planes and ships and they are huge hanging planes from the ceiling. This PointZero airbrush dual action airbrush kit with 3 guns is easy to use for everyone with the many attachments for many functions for many model kits.

Jennifer, my wife, makes crafts and does cake decorating, nail art, temporary tattoos for herself and her friends, among other things. We have found that most airbrushing compressors have not been up to our liking not functioning the way we thought they would. This unit is 1/5 HP, 1750 RPM, with an output of 25-liters (26.4-quarts) per minute.

We love this one and it does what it says it will do. It’s perfect for the beginner on up to experienced seasoned users and professionals. Kids have their own hobbies for using airbrushes as well.

I’ll give you an overview of this product. It is a dual action airbrush kit with 3 airbrushes for many uses. It will include 7 e-Books that you download to guide you through how to use the airbrush. With that you get Master the Basics DVD and have access to knowledge-based downloads. These are instructive and valuable to have.

Topics include: set-up of the air compressor, cleaning and maintenance of the airbrush, basics of paint type, and operation of the airbrush. As an ambitious artist, the steps will help the novice get started.

Read more about this model number KIT-GP-47 airbrush compressor on Amazon. It is superb for airbrushing for beginners.

This set gives you a 6-foot braided hose and a five-foot nylon air hose with M5 fittings, plus:

  • 1- Oil-Free Air Compressor Air Brush
  • 3- Airbrushes—Gravity and Siphon Feed
  • 6- Primary Opaque Colors Acrylic Paint Artist Set
  • 1- 7 cc Color Cup And Preinstalled 0.3 mm Nozzle Set
  • 1- 2 cc and a Pre-Installed 0.2 mm Nozzle Set
  • 1- Broad-Coverage Single-Action, External-Mix Airbrush With a 22 cc Siphon Feed Jar and a 0.8 mm Nozzle Set
  • 1- M5- to 1/8-inch BSP Airbrush Adaptor
  • 1- Propellant-can Regulator
  • 2- Barbed Hose Connectors
  • 2- Paint Pipettes
  • 2- Nozzle Wrenches
  • 3- Airbrush Storage Cases
  • 1- Owner’s Operating Manual
  • 1- Airbrush Instruction Sheet
  • 5- Exclusive Educational Airbrush Guide Downloads

The best airbrush for cake decorating has a solvent-resistant needle packing making it safe to use with all mediums to include body art and food applications. The compressor provides consistent air pressure for even results.

The body always feels balanced in your hand. The airbrush uses standard 1/8-inch BSP (British Standard Pipe) air hose fittings.

With the regulator-mounted airbrush holder, you can put 2 airbrushes on your compressor to save workspace. The stainless-steel needle minimizes tips from drying out. The air supply working pressure is 15 to 50 PSI.

The dimensions are 10-inches long x 4-inches wide x 7-inches tall weighting only 8-pounds and has a carrying handle.

Plug the UL® listed plug into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet in North America. The operating run time is about 38-minutes.

How-to airbrush for the complete beginner video.

If you need a larger compressor for filling up car tires, check them out for styles and sizes.

Save money when you stop buying compressed air canisters. This does not use a tank; it runs as you spray it, and is the best airbrush on the market.

CarI know you’ll love it for body painting and other art, including your car!

Fabric inks and fabric dyes to paint can be used for T-shirts and other wearables.

Oil-based paint must be cleaned out with mineral spirits and water-based paint cleans well with plain water.

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